Ministry of Justice of the Czech Republilc

Information system of high and regional courts

Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Czech Republic

Record management and agenda systems

Dr. Max

Digitalization and data mining

Health care insurance of the Ministry of interior of the Czech Republic

Record management, support of the state agenda

Office of the Government of the Czech Republic

Record management and agenda systems


Processing of contract documentation

Agency for protection of nature and land of the Czech Republic

Record management and administrative management

Kordárna Plus

Data mining and document management

Ministry of Industry and Commerce of the Czech Republic

Document management

Czech Railways

Document management

Čermák a spol.

Document management

Ministry of Interior of the Czech Republic

System EKIS, operative record keeping

Landia management

Document management

Ohře River Basin

Records management

Institute of Criminology Prague

System FoDaGen and InfoDNA

Czech Probation and Mediation Service

Administrative information system


Managed documents


Managed documents

ŠKODA Health Insurance

Records management and agenda systems


Managed documents

Royalton Partners

Hosting services

Czech Office for Standards, Metrology and Testing

Support of business politics


System Sapper

Customer Quality Service

Central electronic archive


Document management

Slovak Office of Standards, Metrology and Testing

Systems Binor and Disnor