Czech Railways, a.s.

Since 2007 VUMS LEGEND has been working with the general directorate of Czech Railways. For the directorate’s needs special applications were developed on the LN platform: Records of Tasks from the Board of Directors, Language Courses, and Requirements for Educational events. The Records of Tasks from the Board of Directors application was under initial study last year, covering only the management of tasks at the highest management levels, and it was successfully rolled out to the level of individual officers.

The record of tasks made it possible to simplify and clarify the process of assigning tasks and recording their timely fulfillment. A great many f unnecessarily printed paper documents were eliminated, and records of their processing were made more transparent.

Registration for educational events - acceleration and simplification of the process for registering employees for educational events, clarification of registration records, and facilitated registration for users (pre-entered data on employee from the database).

Research on interest in language courses - for employees’ simplified completion of the form through pre-entered data and the option of choosing from the courses offered. Easy sorting according to the type of language and degree of advancement.

Miriam Pavlouskova (Czech Railways)