Administrative Control

This application is intended for administration of files of administrative or other proceedings and their documents and participating persons. The application can work independently as an agenda of files, or it is an expansion of a filing service, with which it communicates and includes its own incoming documents in individual files.

It provides a comprehensive solution for keeping records of files and, by monitoring their life cycles from their beginnings, for connecting participants and records of associated documents until their destruction.

Main benefits of the product:

  • Universal use – a unified method for administering files throughout the organization.
  • Comprehensiveness.
  • Flexibility – easily adapted to the organization’s current filing rules.
  • Reliability – the system controls all records, processing, and circulation of documents, including relevant deadlines.
  • Ease of operation – operating is intuitive, and extensive help is a part of the product.
  • Open solution – the system grows together with the organization.

Main parts of the product:

  • Work with files.
  • Work with persons of files.
  • Entering received/own documents in files.
  • Work with documents attached as attachments (thanks to the integrated functions of WordAtt, working with *.doc documents in attachments is very simple and intuitive).
  • Mass correspondence.
  • Passing on/assigning of file to the responsible person.
  • Workflow of a file from its creation to its destruction.

Possibility of connection to other applications:

  • Internal/external directories – ensures comfortable storing of addresses in the application.
  • Filing Service – allows connection with filing service, to accept received documents, and to process the organization’s own documents.
  • Filing Room – allows files intended for storage as per the retention rules to be sent.

Our offer of the product:

  • For organizations, we offer several types of file records that differ in their extent, use options, complexity, and, of course, price. However, each record of files meets the basic requirements, and an individual approach and adaptation of the application to the needs of your organization is a matter of course.

Associated products:

  • pikto-spisova_sluzba.png

    Filing service

    This product is intended for simplification and improvement of the quality of administration of files within the agenda of an organization. It ensures comprehensive records throughout the life cycles of incoming and outgoing paper and electronic documents, including communications through data mailboxes, forwarding of documents among organizational units by workers, as well as their archiving and destruction.

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  • pikto-inter_datove_schranky.png

    Integration with Data Mailboxes

    We offer solutions that will communicate directly or through Web services with the Data Mailbox Information System. You can thus direct messages downloaded from a data mailbox directly to your firm’s information and vice versa. The solution we designed contains all the basic functions for communications with ISDS, and thanks to the high modularity of the solution we are able to adapt the application precisely according to your requirements and the needs of an intra-company information system.

    detailed page