Document management

Document management systems (DMS) are intended for the management of electronic and/of digitized paper documents. The task of these systems is primarily to simplify work with documents within the agenda of an organization. Each document has a certain life cycle – from its creation and distribution around the firm, through comments and revisions, to its closing, storage, and, according to the retention order, its destruction.

We offer several comprehensive DMS solutions that are modular, which means they can be modified precisely according to the wishes and needs of the customer.

Solutions and services offered in the selected category:

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    E-mail room

    Using an electronic mail room system, citizens can conduct communications with organizations when attending to their matters, and filling in forms and acquiring information using guaranteed electronic signatures, which are based on qualified certificates issued by accredited providers of certificate services.

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    Filing service

    This product is intended for simplification and improvement of the quality of administration of files within the agenda of an organization. It ensures comprehensive records throughout the life cycles of incoming and outgoing paper and electronic documents, including communications through data mailboxes, forwarding of documents among organizational units by workers, as well as their archiving and destruction.

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    This product is intended for an integrated company system for document management. When creating a document it resolves answers to the following question: Is the document to be printed or should it remain in electronic form? Has everyone submitted comments on its content? Has the document been approved by the responsible worker? And where is this worker, in case we need him/her? Can anyone change it without permission?

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    Administrative Control

    This application is intended for administration of files of administrative or other proceedings and their documents and participating persons. The application can work independently as an agenda of files, or it is an expansion of a filing service with which it communicates and includes its own incoming documents in individual files.

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    Vehicle Operation

    If your firm has a vehicle fleet the Vehicle Operation application is for you. The application ensures everything connected with records on the operation of company vehicles and business trips, from requesting and reserving a vehicle for a given period of time, through approval or rejection of the request by the relevant leader, to termination by filling in a travel order for a business trip.

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    Controlled documentation

    An integrated controlled documentation system is tasked with the management of important company documents such as, among other things, rules, guidelines, orders, methodical and control procedures and control of their life cycles. It includes a process for creation, recording, dissemination, and regular verification of managed documents in the spirit of the rules of given of international ISO 9000 standards.

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    Internal audit

    The Internal Audit application allows a long-term audit plan within the organization and medium-term and annual plans derived therefrom. It also allows monitoring of fulfillment of plans and results of individual audits.

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    Records on Contracts, Orders, and Invoices

    This package of applications is intended for the creation, recording, and management of documents for support of financial processes such as records on contracts, invoices, and orders, or investment plans. They can function individually or as a whole, with the possibility of connection with other applications that we offer such as Electronic Filing Service, etc.

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