Data mailbox

The new law on the information system of public administration, which regulates electronic operations and the authorized conversion of documents became effective as of 1 July 2009. Data mailboxes of the Ministry of the Interior are set up data mailboxes for all legal entities, that is, all subjects of public administration, including non-profit organizations, and commercial firms.

The data mailbox allows communication with public administration and replaces the use of ordinary paper contacts with electronic contacts. It markedly optimizes internal processes of public administration and thus ensures faster, more reliable, and less expensive provision of services of public administration to the broadest segment of the public.

Solutions and services offered in the selected category:

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    Integration with Data Mailboxes

    We offer solutions that will communicate directly or through Web services with the Data Mailbox Information System. You can thus direct messages downloaded from a data mailbox directly to your firm’s information and vice versa. The solution we designed contains all the basic functions for communications with ISDS, and thanks to the high modularity of the solution we are able to adapt the application precisely according to your requirements and the needs of an intra-company information system.

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