About the Company

VUMS LEGEND, spol. s r.o., was founded in 1994 and follows up on over 40 years of experience of the Research Institute of Mathematical Engineering. The core of the company is three experienced teams of experts: analysts, designers, system specialists, database processing experts, programmers who make use of state-of-the-art development tools, and communication specialists.

VUMS LEGEND, spol. s r.o., provides comprehensive services for selecting, setting up and further developing information systems and technologies, including networks. The goal is to provide to customers with systemically purposeful, secured, open, and powerful solutions or products. Emphasis is placed upon the possibility of including existing applications and the prospect of further expansion with supplementary systems. The company’s virtues include in particular the ability to create and set up information systems in all commonly used environments and to solve data communications among various systems on various platforms.

The company makes use of the competitive edge of products with outstanding properties and functional options: WebSphere, Lotus Notes, DB2, Oracle, and others. These products are used for both the creation of entirely new systems and the integration of existing systems. Emphasis is placed on the use of open solutions and the openness of these solutions for future requirements. Besides the above, the company also makes use of Open Source products for its solutions. Many solutions are based on Java programming language.

To ensure high-quality services it is necessary to collaborate with major companies that are active in the Czech Republic as suppliers of computer technology and information technologies. VUMS LEGEND, spol. s r.o., is an IBM Premier Business Partner.

Vision and mission of VUMS LEGEND

  • to become a partner for each customer and to help effectively make use of information technologies in such a way that they become a powerful competitive edge for the customers and a significant means for the achievement of strategic plans and company goals.
  • As our mission we consider cooperation with customers as they seek out the way to greater effectiveness, to the optimal development of information technologies, and to the thorough use of their benefits.

Main activities:

  • Analyses and IS/IT projects
  • Feasibility studies and IS/IT development strategy
  • Realization and implementation of information systems
  • Made-to-order development and service of applications
  • System integration
  • Outsourcing
  • Expert IS/IT consultations
  • Company consulting and process optimization
  • Delivery and IS/IT operation support services
  • Information security
  • Education and training

VUMS LEGEND partners

Since our company was founded we have focused on first-rate technological solutions and on brand products of stable, global producers, which combine optimal functionality, effectiveness, and good prospects for further development. Besides our main partner, IBM, we collaborate with other major domestic and foreign companies. Our long-term partnership and highest achieved statutes guarantee the high quality the services we provide and price flexibility.